A21 - (21st Century Abolitionists)https://www.a21.org/. Located in 14 locations in 12 countries, A21 works to reach, rescue and restore victims of human trafficking.  They also have an online shop with apparel and educational materials.

Restore Innocence - https://www.restoreinnocence.org/. They rescue, restore and reintegration of trafficking survivors

iEmpathize -http://iempathize.org/ A school program "Empower Youth" to prevent exploitation.

U COUNT Campaign- https://ucountcampaign.org/ Raise awareness of sex trafficking and support at-risk individuals globally

LCHT - Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking - https://combathumantrafficking.org/ Work to create social change to eliminate exploitation. They also host the human trafficking hotline and text line for Colorado

Southern Colorado Human Trafficking Task Force - https://ht-colorado.org/ Preventing human trafficking, Intervenening trafficking through a collaboration of organizations and Connecting survivors to restoration.

#End It  Movement - https://enditmovement.com/ A coalition of anti-human trafficking organizations

Polaris - https://polarisproject.org/ Helping human trafficking survivors find freedom

The Blue Campaign - https://www.dhs.gov/blue-campaign One voice, one mission, end human trafficking

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