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New Hope for
of Human Trafficking

Haven for Hope

     The Haven for Hope is Bringing our Valley HOPE's response to the great need for safe and restorative housing for survivors of adult human trafficking. It is a miracle when anyone escapes the slavery of human trafficking. Those who do escape have special needs to make a full recovery from their trauma.


     Survivors need a safe place to recover from their physical and mental wounds, support to gain confidence and strength, and new skills to get back on their feet and gain independence.


     Haven for Hope will be a home for adult women that provides all of these things. Women will be accepted into the home for a two-year program to begin their healing journey. Haven for Hope will use the model pioneered at  Thistle Farms.

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When you donate, please specify

Haven for Hope, or

Bringing our Valley HOPE Education Fund.  Choose a monthly donation
to help the most.


Please contact us at
or call 719-395-6938.

More information coming soon!

At a recent breakfast for local veterinarians, Dr. Beth Ritchie was asked to discuss 'BV Hope’ which she started with a dedicated group of volunteers back in 2014. Enthralled at her description of their amazing work to decrease and prevent human trafficking in local communities, perusing their website also revealed their ‘Haven for Hope’ initiative to provide safe and restorative housing for adult trafficking survivors. This initiative was something I wanted to support. The question was how.

In just a couple of weeks on April 18 my sister Diane, niece Dulce, and I begin my sister’s dream adventure: hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). One of th

e national scenic trails, the PCT is about 2,650 miles long and ranges from southern California to northern Washington along the Cascade and Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges. Although over 60 with several less than ideal joints, we will walk what we can as far as we can between April and September of this year.

As a retired Army officer and veterinarian, I still want to serve. While praying and pondering through both Haven for Hope and this epic (for me) trek, the answer became clear – to use the trek to help raise money for Haven for Hope. For each mile walked, I am seeking donations of at least one penny dedicated solely to Haven for Hope. My goal is to find 100 donation partners in this endeavor, for although the total sum of $26.50 per person may not seem like much, with 100 partners the total of $2,650 could help with complete care and housing for a month for a survivor in the home. Although uncertain we will be able to complete the entire distance due to record snows, more dangerous conditions, and other factors, any donation made will be put to excellent use by the Haven for Hope team.


We start the trek on April 18th from Campo, California. Updates on the hike will be provided through this same website, or feel free to follow our adventures on a YouTube channel set up by my sister. Either way I hope you can join me in this trek to support Haven for Hope!

Wonderful new way to contribute to Haven for Hope - sponsoring hikers on thePacific Crest Trail!

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