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New Hope for
of Human Trafficking

     The Haven for Hope is BV HOPE’s response to the great need for safe and restorative housing for survivors of adult human trafficking. It is a miracle when anyone escapes the slavery of human trafficking. Those who do escape have special needs to make a full recovery from their trauma.


     Survivors need a safe place to recover from their physical and mental wounds, support to gain confidence and strength, and new skills to get back on their feet and gain independence.


     Haven for Hope will be a home for adult women that provides all of these things. Women will be accepted into the home for a two-year program to begin their healing journey. Haven for Hope will use the model pioneered at  Thistle Farms. (See more at


     Our goal is to be fully funded for two years of operations by 2026, when we will open our doors. We welcome all forms of support including financial support, donated items, and volunteer time. We are also looking for Board members as BV HOPE's projects continue to grow.

When you donate, please specify Haven for Hope,

or BV HOPE's Education Fund.  Choose a monthly donation
to help the most.


Please contact us at
or call 719-395-6938.

Haven for Hope

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