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About Bringing our Valley HOPE

Who we are...

Bringing our Valley HOPE (formerly BV HOPE) was launched in 2014 because of the increasing danger of human trafficking in the United States. We now educate Chaffee County, Colorado citizens to help prevent trafficking in our communities. Our efforts are mainly concentrated on school-aged children. We also work with adults, parents, grandparents, teachers, first responders, department of human services, hotels and the medical community. Recently we have expanded these efforts to other nearby communities.

We welcome new volunteers! You can choose one of the many ways to help.

​   What we do...

  • Educate students to help them understand how to stay safe.

  • Train first responders, educators and medical community

  • Annual A21 Walk for Freedom each fall

  • Bringing our Valley HOPE booth at local festivals in Chaffee County, CO

  • Sell handmade goods made by survivors and 100% of the sales goes directly to the maker.

  • Pack HOPE bags for rescued survivors in partnership with Reclaiming Hope in Colorado Springs.

  • Bringing our Valley HOPE booth at Knights of Columbus breakfast in Buena Vista and Salida, CO. 

  • Human Trafficking 101 training offered free several times a year in Chaffee County, Colorado

 Many Faces of Human Trafficking


  • modern day slavery.

  • exploiting a person through force, fraud or coercion.

  • sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic servitude.  

  • happening everywhere, even in the United States, and victims can be U.S. citizens or of any nationality, age, socioeconomic status, or gender

  • any person under the age of 18 involved in a commercial sex act. 

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