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Community Efforts

At Bringing our Valley HOPE we support survivors by making HOPE bags and blankets in cooperation with Reclaiming Hope in Colorado Springs.  If a local civic or religious group would like to host an event, please contact us! 

We join with nations worldwide each fall for the A21 Freedom Walk. 

We have supported the Freedom Ride which is a bicycle ride through the Colorado mountain passes to raise money to completely fund an orphanage in Africa for the babies of sex trafficked women.  


WE EDUCATE the next generations in our public schools and give them resources and strategies to keep them from becoming victims.

WE EDUCATE the public to increase awareness and to
prevent human trafficking before it begins. Each year we offer several free instructional seminars to the Chaffee County public.   

Recent Community Efforts 2024

Beth Ritchie, Betty Swartz-Bozeman and Kirsten Wulfsberg presented at the Teller County Suicide Prevention Symposium March 1, 2024.  People who have been trafficked have a very high chance of suicide.

Beth Ritchie and Betty Swartz-Bozeman presented Human Trafficking 101 to the Leadville, CO community in May 2024.

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